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Case Study: Storm Damage, Roof and Gutter Replacement, Holmen, WI

CLIENT PROFILE & NEED A large hail storm dropped on Holmen, WI and surrounding cities causing widespread roof, gutter and siding damage.  Aurum Contracting was called to inspect this two-story home.  Our inspection found the roof of the house and gutters were so badly damaged that the insurance company approved a full replacement.  The repair also included the large detached garage and shed.  We worked closely with the homeowner and insurance adjuster to make sure that not only ALL of the storm damage was uncovered but that there were no corners cut for the final repairs. PROCESS & CHALLENGES Our team wasted no time in getting the

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Case Study: Roof and Gutter Repair Richland Center, WI

CLIENT PROFILE & NEED This Victorian style home in Richland Center was damaged in a recent storm.  The homeowners found us online and requested our fast, FREE inspection.  After a thorough inspection we found significant support that there was storm damage. This detailed information was shared with the insurance adjuster and they agreed on a full roof and gutter replacement. This style of home requires great care in the restoration which is a perfect fit for Aurum Contracting.   PROCESS & CHALLENGES This house came with a handful of challenges.  Because of the age, we needed to take extra care and consideration. The fact there were multiple levels

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Case Study: Flat Roof Repair Berwyn, IL

CLIENT PROFILE & NEED We were asked to inspect the roof of this apartment complex for leaks. Our inspection revealed the source of a few leaks as well as other damage to the flat roof. Aurum presented the inspection report to the insurance adjuster and it was determined the insurance company would pay for a new roof. PROCESS & CHALLENGES There were a couple of challenges to this project.  First, the height of three stories required additional safety precautions as well as additional equipment.  Secondly, there were three layers of roofing surface that needed to be removed.  Special consideration was needed for the placement of the dump trailer

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Case Study: New Siding and Soffits in Beloit, WI

CLIENT PROFILE & NEED A Beloit, Wisconsin homeowner contacted us for a much needed exterior siding, soffit and door replacement.  The years of harsh Wisconsin weather had taken a toll on this home and it was time to teach mother nature a lesson with a fresh remodel. This remodel was a perfect fit for Aurum Contracting!  Our experts stopped out to discuss the options and recommend a rock-solid solution of a high tech Ovation Natural Slate vinyl siding with aluminum-clad windows and doors.  We also installed aluminum vent soffits to increase airflow in the attic which will help lower energy bills as well as reduce moisture accumulation.

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Case Study: 12 Condo Buildings in Beloit, WI

CLIENT PROFILE & NEED When a severe hailstorm hit the 12 buildings in this condo association, there was widespread destruction. Each condo housed two families. From our perspective, we were serving 24 affected families. Aurum Contracting was called in to inspect the damage and work closely with the insurance adjusters. Together we made sure all of the damage was uncovered, documented and fully replaced.   PROCESS & CHALLENGES The goal was to get all of the roofs replaced in the shortest amount of time on budget. We coordinated multiple teams simultaneously and were able to get all 12 condo units (500 square feet of shingles) done inside of