We were called on to inspect the roof of this apartment complex for leaks.  Our inspection revealed the source of a few leaks as well as other damage to the flat roof. Aurum presented the inspection report to the insurance adjuster and it was determined the insurance company will pay for a new roof.


There were a couple of challenges to this project.  First, the height of three stories required additional safety precautions as well as additional equipment.  Secondly, there were three layers of roofing surface that needed to be removed.  Special consideration was needed for the placement of the dump trailer so the roof debris would be contained to a small area on the ground for removal.  After the damaged roofing material was removed, we installed ISO insulation board to create a flat stable surface. Once the ISO board was secured, we proceed to install the new TPO 60mil Mulehide roof system.



Flat roofs serve one primary function, to keep the water out of the structure.  Our team has the training and experience to handle any flat roof issue.   The end result was a solid and sealed Mulehid roof system that will keep the water out for many years to come.