This Victorian style home in Richland Center was damaged in a recent storm.  The homeowners found us online and requested our Fast FREE inspection.  After a thorough inspection we found significant support that there was storm damage. This detailed information was shared with the insurance adjuster and they agreed on a full roof and gutter replacement. This style of home requires great care in the restoration which is a perfect fit for Aurum Contracting.



This house came with a handful of challenges.  Because of the age, we needed to take extra care and consideration.  The fact there were multiple levels and some very steep pitches required us to include additional layers of safety.  Safety for our workers as well as the homeowners property.  This job included a full roof tear off with areas that had an extra layer of shingles.  With all of the shingles and debris off, we are able to inspect every inch of the roof for compromised wood and to be sure that there are no nails or staples sticking up.  There were a handful of areas that required minor repair but for the most part the roof was in great shape.   We then got to work in properly installing the new roof and gutters.



It’s hard to appreciate a brand new roof unless you are the homeowner.  Knowing there are no areas (especially on a complex roof like this) that water will not penetrate is peace of mind.  Not only does this roof look great but with proper maintenance, it will last for decades to come.  This particular customer was great to work with!  Thank you for calling on Aurum to help with your restoration.