Siding Q & A with Aurum Contracting.

The exterior of your home is critical in protecting your valuables and family.   One of the most important parts is your siding.    You might think siding is just a decorative part of your home, but it's much more than that.    It protects your home from rain, snow, hail, wind, ice, tree branches and about 20 other elements (if you live in the upper midwest).  Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for style, color and durability.  We answered a few questions sent to us by a customer in Janesville, Wisconsin. Customer: How much maintenance is required with vinyl siding? Aurum:  Vinyl siding is essentially maintenance free, we do recommend that you give it a good spray down once or twice a year as a general rule of

Is it time for window replacements?

If your windows are more than 15-20 years old or damaged, it may be time for  window replacements.  The fact is windows become less efficient over the years and are more difficult to maintain. Below are a few of the top reasons to update with new windows. Water Works: Water has a way of penetrating a home unnoticed, and windows are one of the biggest problem areas.  Moisture in your home is your arch enemy as it sneaks in unnoticed. Older windows can lose their ability to hold out year round moisture. By the time you see symptoms, you have already incurred damage.  Mold growth on your ceiling and inner walls is the worst kind of damage. Cold Draft: In the cold, if your windows are drafty it might

How to Avoid Costly Ice Dam Damage

We haven’t had much snow this year, but if you live in the upper Midwest, you know it’s coming! When you get a significant snowfall on your roof and the temperatures drop sharply, roof problems begin to happen. For many homes these issues come in the form of ice dams that can cause significant damage and be costly to repair. What are ice dams? Ice dams are a ridge of ice on the bottom edge of your roofline along your gutter. (see image above)  Ice dams may not look like an issue, but they actually lead to water leaks and moisture which can lead to mold in the attic. This ice holds pools of water that when left untouched can penetrate the shingles below. How do I