A Beloit Wisconsin homeowner contacted us for a much needed exterior siding, soffit and door replacement.  The years of harsh Wisconsin weather had taken a toll on this home and it was time to teach mother nature a lesson with a fresh remodel. This remodel was a perfect fit for Aurum Contracting!  Our experts stopped out to discuss the options and recommend a rock-solid solution of a high tech Ovation Natural Slate vinyl siding with aluminum-clad windows and doors.  We also installed aluminum vent soffits to increase airflow in the attic which will help lower energy bills as well as reduce moisture accumulation.



There were a few areas of this home that required additional attention.  In general, angles or protruding sections of homes are more susceptible to the elements like roof dormers, covered deck, and chimney. We look at every job first with how best to keep the weather out and second making your home look like new.  We started by getting down to the base exterior walls removing all of the wood lap sidings and repairing any needed areas.  We then wrapped the home with a moisture barrier and installed the siding.   From there we installed the soffits and trimmed the windows and door frames in white aluminum.



The completed job looks like a brand new house. The customer was very happy with this exterior remodel.  We take great pride in servicing our customers.  We stand by our work in confidence that we offer a five-year craftsmanship warranty on all of our installations.   Our warranty is in addition to all manufacturers warranty.